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Bank of Somerset Hills - Klae Construction

Bank of Somerset Hills

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The Bank of the Somerset HilIs had an extremely difficult challenge – converting an old restaurant/catering hall into an attractive and functional banking facility. We were able to accomplish this feat with the aide of “a few good men”. One of those men was Bob Walsh. Klae Construction should consider themselves very fortunate to have Bob in their employ.

While on the job Bob was very careful about protecting us, the customer, from unnecessary cost overruns while not sacrificing the quality of the product. He was extremely conscientious about being on the job and accessible at all times. He also worked very well with all the subcontractors, always keeping the Bank in mind and first on the agenda. Through his expertise, hard work and professional approach to the job we were able to complete our project on time and within the budget guidelines we had established.

Should the Bank have another opportunity to require the services of a contractor, Klae Construction will certainly be asked to do the job, with the proviso that Bob be the supervisor in charge.

– Gerard Riker
Executive Vice President
Bank of Somerset Hills