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Bank of Somerset Hills

2020-03-11T15:43:01-05:00Name: Gerard Riker| Title: Executive Vice President|

The Bank of the Somerset HilIs had an extremely difficult challenge – converting an old restaurant/catering hall into an attractive and functional banking facility. We were able to accomplish this feat with the aide of “a few good men”. One of those men was Bob Walsh. Klae Construction should consider themselves very fortunate to have Bob in their employ.

While on the job Bob was very careful about protecting us, the customer, from unnecessary cost overruns while not sacrificing the quality of the product. He was extremely conscientious about being on the job and accessible at all times. He also worked very well with all the subcontractors, always keeping the Bank in mind and first on the agenda. Through his expertise, hard work and professional approach to the job we were able to complete our project on time and within the budget guidelines we had established.

Should the Bank have another opportunity to require the services of a contractor, Klae Construction will certainly be asked to do the job, with the proviso that Bob be the supervisor in charge.

Hilltop Country Day School

2020-03-11T15:43:19-05:00Name: David O’Halloran, PhD| Title: Headmaster, Hilltop Country Day School|

I write on this beautiful spring day to express, on behalf of Hilltop Country Day School’s students, faculty, parents and trustees, our heartfelt thanks for an exceptional job on the first phase of our major capital expansion project. Hilltop is fulfilling its mission with greater confidence because of your company’s tremendous work.

It was approximately a year ago today that the majority of Klae’s work at Hilltop came to an end with the opening of our new 18,500 sq. ft., two and a half million-dollar addition. The completion of this major addition on schedule and within budget was a testament to your company’s organizational ability and more importantly, its honesty and integrity. You achieved exactly what you promised. In the business world and in today’s construction climate this is a rare occurrence.

I believe that a company is not defined by its name, but by the quality of the product it produces, and most importantly, by the quality of the people who make it up. Klae’s work is quality and its people outstanding. The work of the job site supervisor, especially, needs special recognition.

As with any job site, I can imagine there are many special and unique considerations that must be addressed. Hilltop was no exception. Our construction had to be done during the school year, with school in full session. Workers had to accommodate the needs of children ranging in age from 2 Y2 through 14, and some four hundred fifty very protective parents and faculty members. All of the school’s requests for special consideration throughout the eighteen-month construction period were fully and professionally accommodated. We had no major incidents compromising the safety of workers, children, parents or faculty. The management of all of this as well as the actual job of construction fell, in large part, on the shoulders of Mr. Bob Walsh, the site supervisor.

Hilltop cannot express with enough gratitude its deep appreciation for the patient, professional handling of our construction project given by Mr. Bob Walsh, Mr. Rod Meyer, you and Klae Construction. We are delighted with the outcome and look forward to the next joint project.

Jefferson Medical & Imaging Inc.

2020-03-11T15:44:02-05:00Name: Susan E. Kurylo| Title: President|

As we prepare for the final inspection of the building addition, and looking back over the past six months of this project, I felt it necessary to compliment the Klae Construction crew, under the direction of Mr. Robert Walsh.

As you are aware, the construction process had to take place during the normal course of business here at Jefferson Medical. Such an undertaking could have been extraordinarily challenging and inconvenient. Bob Walsh made sure that we were not inconvenienced. He worked around us and our schedules to prevent any interruption of our business. I applaud your entire team for their professionalism, courtesy, and of course, for their expertise. While the ability of a company is considered for a particular job, it is my belief that the people in the company are your best salesmen. Bob Walsh and his team have convinced me that your company is the best around.

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