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Tri County Lexus

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Klae Construction recently completed an automotive service and parts facility with a customer drive thru. Klae was recommended to us by another Auto Dealer in our area who constructed an entire dealership with a multi level parking garage.

I have previous professional experience in construction projects from the business level and have never been so personally satisfied not only with the level of professionalism in which they conduct business or the quality of the product they produce and the attention to detail, on top of all that they go out of their way to understand your business operations to plan theirs around yours to minimize and in most cases completely alleviate interruptions to your daily operations. This was obviously part of their business model and all I can say is, all of this attention to every detail is what results in the positive outcome that we had.

In closing, it is with upmost of sincerity and please and having my expectations (which were high to begin with) exceeded that I write this letter of recommendation. They never settle and continued to prove themselves through out this project and produced a product that is a pleasure to work at. Thank you again.

– Bryan Mendelson
General Manager
Tri County Lexus