RoNetco Supermarkets, Inc. would like to commend Klae Construction and the construction management team of Bob Walsh, Scott Holster and Bryan McKenna in their excellent coordination and supervision of the construction of the ShopRite of Flanders.

When we sat down earlier this year and laid out an extremely aggressive schedule for completion of the ShopRite of Flanders, there were many non-believers in both our organizations. Once the goal was set, Rod Meyer, Jeff Deisher and the rest of the Klae Construction team got together and started to layout a schedule to meet our goal. There were many roadblocks (or opportunities as Jeff Deisher puts it) that we encountered throughout the construction process. As each one of those many opportunities surfaced, Klae Construction and RoNetco got together as a Team, analyzed the issue, reviewed alternate construction plans of action, and then made a decision that kept the job moving and on track toward our goal.

Ultimately, Klae Construction and RoNetco Supermarkets working in this Team approach, under a management construction format, we were able to accomplish our goal and complete the construction of the ShopRite of Flanders before November 1, 2004.

The excellent Teamwork, coordination, follow through, and management of this project ensured that the highest quality standards were not compromised while we continued to stay on track and within our financial budget constraints in meeting the deadline of completion of the store on or before November 1. In the end, RoNetco Supermarkets opened its store to the general public on Saturday, October 30th and are having a Grand Opening Celebration prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.