We wish to commend your performance on the recent construction of our 60,000 square foot new “Super Store” in Woodbury, Long Island.

Your diligent efforts to complete this project within very aggressive time constraints, without sacrificing quality or attention to detail, were instrumental in the success of this very difficult project. Completion of the project in six months is an achievement in itself.

We found your management team to be hardworking, conscientious professionals, receptive to our goals and needs. We enjoyed a close working relationship with John Sheehan during the construction process and would highly recommend John for this type of project. The on-site communication between Klae Construction and our office, by my observation, could not have been better. The contributions of Klae Construction helped make this project exceed expectations and has earned us the compliments of our customers, co-workers and corporate officers.

We have always found it a pleasure working with Klae Construction, it’s staff and will call on you again for our construction needs. I look forward to our next project together.

Once again, congratulations on another successful project.