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Services and Capabilities

Plan and Spec

  • From an architect’s bid documents, we will submit a comprehensive lump sum proposal

  • Provides professional, expedient delivery of quality construction services

  • Modern sophisticated means at competitive cost.

Negotiated Services

  • Basis of compensation is the cost of the work plus a negotiated percentage or flat fee with or without a guaranteed maximum cost.

  • Allows an accelerated project start-up with partial release of permits and progresses on schedule as designs are made final.

  • Owner pre-approves all costs of the work throughout the project.

  • Competitive bids are solicited for all materials and subcontract services.

  • Purchases are made after careful scrutiny of proposals for quantity, quality, and cost.

  • Provides the owner more control of quality and cost while resulting in a 2 to 4 percent savings on a project.

Design + Build

  • Includes all of the benefits of negotiated services plus the benefit of having a single source for both design and construction resulting in complete control of quantity, quality, and cost by the owner.

  • The greatest control over a projects cost is realized early in the design phase.

  • Through budgeting and value engineering during this phase, the owner is guaranteed the greatest value.

  • The basis of compensation can be a negotiated percentage, flat fee or lump sum.

  • A team consisting of owner, contractor, architect, engineer, and specialists all work closely together.

  • Communication is emphasized to avoid mistakes, delays, changes and misunderstandings.

  • This unique approach results in efficient, economic design and planning.

  • We select the appropriate design professionals, best suited for the particular project, to join the team.

  • Site planning may be included in the service to better integrate the whole design.


  • Advantage of Factory assured quality and predictable performance.

  • Each component is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to assure the highest standards of quality are maintained.

  • Maximum operating efficiency.

  • Aesthetically pleasing structures while maintaining superior economy, energy efficiency, and consistency of quality.

  • Star Buildings save on future upkeep and maintenance costs because of the performance proved, quality materials used in the manufacturing process.

  • ENERGY STAR is committed to protecting the environment by certifying and promoting the use of energy efficient products.


Pre-Engineered Buildings

Klae Construction is a long-time authorized distributor of STAR Building Systems, and has completed many projects utilizing their Green systems and components.

To learn more about Star and their building green philosophies, we invite you to read the Advantages of Star.

Feasibility Studies

  • Pre-purchase building site review for conformance to local and state codes, regulations, zoning ordinances
  • Geotechnical investigation for soils suitability
  • Detailed budget analysis for site and building construction

Post Construction Services

  • Step by step turnover of building operations
  • Personal guidance/maintenance manuals
  • Follow-up
  • Building maintenance/management assistance