Sparta ShopRite
Sparta, New Jersey
The new ShopRite of Sparta will be the largest supermarket in Sparta NJ at 95,000 square feet. The surrounding shopping center will incorporate the idea of "live, work, play" into the township of Sparta.  Phase I of the new shopping center will incorporate:
  • 15,000 square foot liquor store
  • 1,8000 square foot "ShopRite from home" facility
  • 500 square foot dining area
  • 40,000 square foot of multi-tenant retail including restaurant and retail spaces for lease
Phase II of the shopping center will include:
  • 75 bed Chelsea Assisted Living facility
  • 58 townhomes
  • freestanding commercial space
Phase III will include 92 single family residential lots. There will also be a park built by the township which will have basketball and tennis courts as well as a playground.  


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